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Revealing buyers of the world’s most expensive car park in Hong Kong

Jack Chan Siu-kit and Cheung Tsui-ling were the ones who bought the parking space at the luxury apartment Ultima, in Ho Man Tin, according to information from the Hong Kong Cadastral Registration Office on June 20.

At that price, the couple paid up to $ 63,333 / m2 for a 12m2 car park, bought from another person – who just bought the position since September last year and made $ 2.6 million Hong Kong.

According to Xinhua news agency, Chan is currently the chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer of Pan Pacific Financial Holdings. Chan and Cheung are co-founders of the non-governmental organization Chinese Youth Dreamers Foundation. In addition, Chan is also president of an alumni association of Xiamen University.

According to Apple Daily, Chan and Cheung currently own at least 9 luxury apartments in Hong Kong,

In 2014 and 2015, two people spent more than 200 million Hong Kong dollars (25.48 million USD) to buy 6 luxury apartments here, including 2 bases of 67.51 million Hong Kong Dollars (8.6 million USD). USD) in Ultima, 3 Grand Austin apartments cost $ 106 million Hong Kong ($ 13.5 million) and one in Hermitage, $ 28.09 million in Hong Kong ($ 3.8 million).

In April 2016, Chan also bought a car park at The Hermitage apartment for $ 2.55 million Hong Kong (nearly $ 325,000).

After the Chan’s record deal at Ultima apartment building earlier this month, a parking position at The Arch, in the Kowloon area, is currently on sale for $ 6 million Hong Kong.

Vincent Cheung, executive vice president of consulting and pricing services at Colliers International, said super-rich businessmen are not interested in the huge fees to park their apartments.

“6 million Hong Kong Dollars is not a huge sum of money compared to the price of apartments here. This price is not expensive,” Cheung said.

A 177-square-meter 4-bedroom apartment in Ultima apartment is priced at 98 million Hong Kong dollars (12.5 million USD), or about 70,600 USD / m2, according to real estate agent Centalin.

Meanwhile, a 4-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​about 121 m2 in The Arch apartment is also being sold for 12.5 million USD, equivalent to 103,300 USD / m2.

Over the past time, Hong Kong has witnessed a series of apartment parking lots to be handed over at a record price. For example, the parking position at the Dragons Range condominium in Sha Tin, sold for HK $ 4.8 million (US $ 612,000) in April. Previous buyers of this position paid $ 3.45 million. Hong Kong (US $ 440,000) in 2016.

Last June, the director of a company also paid HK $ 5.18 million (US $ 739,000) in Sai Ying Pun area, a new record of that time.

Last month, a total of 1,033 parking positions worth HK $ 2.08 billion (US $ 265 million) were sold back in Hong Kong, up 19.8% from the previous month, according to Centaline.

“The price of a parking position depends on the characteristics, individual needs and potential profits from leasing,” said Kenneth Wo, sales manager at Ricacorp Properties.

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