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The wedding season has come, I suddenly startled: “No money, so hard!”

My family is an ordinary family, not belonging to the well-off and not poor. According to social assessment, it is average. My parents work in the state, their assets are not much, enough to support their children to go to school and live a peaceful life to be old.

Not only my family but also my relatives, aunts, aunts, uncles, family members all like that. All have the same formula of teaching children to live in harmony, be healthy, study well and then have stable jobs, get married, give birth and live to the end of their lives.

It was also because of being raised like that so the thought only needed to live happily and other things that didn’t care about were imbued with me. Yes, parents always expect their children to live happily and happily that their parents have peace of mind!

But when I went to work and received a salary every month, I knew: “No money, no money!”

18 to 23 years old, I went to the Capital, living with my parents’ allowance. Originally a girl with average beauty, normal personality, I didn’t pay much attention to looks, didn’t buy much, didn’t have many friends, didn’t gather, eat a lot. So, how much I spend on my parents, I spend that much money.

At the age of 24, starting to step into the world of work, another life changes, need to meet this person and the other. Holding an accounting degree in my hand, I was lucky to get the job I was studying with a salary of 6 million / month. Compared to my friends who work in the right field, my income is not low. My parents at home are also very excited because I get the job in the right field and earn money. I feel like that so I’m also proud of myself.

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1 year passed, my salary only increased by 1 million. In that year, I sighed countless times. 6 million or 7 million, 1 month, I have to struggle so that I don’t have to borrow. Many times, I was fed up, wanting to give up this job to move to another field.

I increasingly absorbed the advice of a friend of mine: “In Hanoi, I could not do anything. I had to earn 10 million, I was lucky enough to eat, I could not save, I was not sure . ”

My friends from college in the same class, having an unemployed person, a struggling kid who lived like me but still tried to comfort me: “I am young, have 24 years of age, worry about money, keep building knowledge for the job. ! “, with an 8-digit monthly salary, traveling regularly, some people started buying installments of apartment apartments … Thinking about me, the more I felt depressed and embarrassed.

Where do people worry about traveling next month, I worry about what to eat tomorrow.

People worry about what Tet holiday to give to my parents, I am busy checking who I owe money.

People worry that this month can save the right amount of money, I am busy counting how many days until the day of receiving salary.

The wedding season has come, I suddenly startled: No money, very hard! – Photo 2.
There was a time when I did not understand why I had such a backache, I could not bend over, slightly moved my body and was dumbfounded. I planned to go to the hospital to go to the hospital, ask for the cost to pay, but I went back to Google on my own and took temporary treatments. I find myself stupid, but I also accept it!

Other times, coming home in the summer, the refrigerator I used for a long time suddenly became short-circuited, broken, unusable. If I was the one who made a lot of money, I would have brought my parents right to the cold store to buy one. However, I couldn’t help but listen to my parents’ decision to send things to another refrigerator for a while.

I just had a chance to meet a college friend that I greatly admire. Loan is an energetic, energetic person who has always been able to go to work from school. She did a lot of work, tried many fields when the rest of us were still at home plowing movies, surfing Facebook day and day. When she graduated, Loan knew what strengths and weaknesses she had, so she was determined to pursue writing.

Accounting is inherently a dry but Loan industry, she knows what she likes so now owns a private blog about life that attracts hundreds of thousands of likes, she is also the editor of a online newspaper. And of course, with so much work, her income has reached a decent level: 25 million / month.

The wedding season has come, I suddenly startled: No money, very hard! – Photo 3.
The money earned, Loan spent buying clothes, cosmetics, traveling, sometimes going to coffee, eating with friends to keep the relationship. Every month, she gave her parents a loan and she saved a sum for herself. Loan said, she is satisfied with her life now, what she left out at school is now well paid. Her income is so high when she is young, she is not wasteful but uses the right things.

One like me, listening to Loan’s sharing, experiences and stories, only to swallow saliva. Then all of a sudden I think I will always be like Loan, can freely withdraw money for my grandchildren to earn a little extra money to study or can easily buy a t

I liked it for a long time to go out and eat my best friend.

I like money, not me, but because money helps me secure my life. No money, dare not communicate, dare not go anywhere, meet friends. Just like that, my life kept wandering around the 30m2 inn divided into 3 people with a computer.

Occasionally, surfing Facebook, seeing pitiful circumstances, I also want to send them some money to help them. Yet, at the end of the month, the money was just enough to eat and refuel. I again paused to put my wallet back.

The wedding season has come, I suddenly startled: No money, very hard! – Photo 4.
I read a sentence like this online:

“Thinking again and again trying to make money is still more reliable. If not in times of bad mood, you can only buy a few bottles of beer and snack packs and then sit and cry on the roadside. If you try If I can make money, I can just soak in some beautiful but beautiful stream of water, while covering a mask and ignoring my tears, trying to make money, I can go to New York, cry, go to London and cry. When I went to Paris to cry, I went to Rome and cried, walking and crying, crying, crying … ”

Startled away from my passion, I woke up. My colleague happily handed me the wedding card.

The wedding season has arrived. True, no money, very hard!

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